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Meet Kaeleen

Growing up in Philadelphia with her parents and brother, Kaeleen expressed her creativity across several artistic mediums. One in particular, not so obvious to those outside of the household, was rearranging furniture (many times) until it felt just right. Trips to Home Depot, Lowe's, Michael’s Crafts and Joann Fabric were priceless. Kaeleen attributes her earliest spark of interest in design to her father; his artistic talents were (and still are) endless.

T.V. shows like Bob Vila’s Home Again, This Old House and New Yankee Workshop were hypnotizing. Kaeleen recalls being fascinated by the hosts and everything they did, from woodworking in their shops to renovating beautiful Victorian homes. As a teen, her first design endeavor was to transform their outdated play-room into a functional home-office. Highlighting her family's love of the beach ("down the shore"), Kaeleen selected new furniture, paint, accessories and décor. The once dark room became a welcoming space filled with family memories.

After several years of working in the corporate world, Kaeleen decided to go all in on her vision to create something bigger than herself. Embracing an on-the-go lifestyle and her undeniable sense of adventure, in 2015 she created the KYARI brand and began the design and development of KYARI's luxury line of travel & overnight bags.

Since bringing her product designs to life, Kaeleen has made a full circle journey back to her roots with the start of KYARI Group's Interior Design division in February of 2018.

Meet KaeleenMeet Kaeleen