Here's a glimpse into what to expect!

1. Initial Consultation

Believe it or not, often times, our design relationships extend over a year. 

Whether you're a builder, an investor or home owner, we take getting to know you seriously. The opportunity to do so starts with about a 20 minute phone call. From there, we'll set an in-person meeting (typically on-site) where we'll talk about lifestyle, budget, goals and needs for the design. A payment of one hour is required for an initial consultation.

2. Design Agreement

After comprehensive notes and photos are reviewed and transferred into our digital files, our team will draw up a list of design services and fees associated. Within the agreement, we'll review what to expect in working with each other. Once in agreement, a deposit is required to move to the next phase. 

3. Pre-Design Meeting

With our notes, your images and "likes" / "dislikes," this meeting is an opportunity to collaborate with our clients. Pinterest, screen shots, saved Instagram photos, magazine clipping - Bring it all!

In addition to discussion about design we'll also take measurements of your space if we've not already done so.

4. Design Concept

Visualization to reality! Throughout this stage, we're working to bring it all together, curating the right pieces for your project. You get to look forward to concept boards, floor plans, drawings and renderings. These are among several ways we'll be presenting the project progress to you.

5. Presentation

Out with the old (or non-existent), in with the new. It's time to check out the selections y'all! 

Everything from furniture, to light fixtures, finishes, paint, art and accessories selections.

If 3D renderings are needed for your project, this is the time you'll see them.

6. Implementation/Installation 

Depending on your project, during this step, we're moving forward with the GC of your choice, ordering furniture you've given the green-light to and managing the ins and outs of the project through to its completion.

7. Finishline

This is where we present the finished product. It's our pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with you and wish you many years in your space. We're a call or email away should you like to have us back for additional design services!